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Perfect combination of telematics and planning data for logistics companies

NIC-place is not just another telematics portal. We combine intelligently the pure asset-related telematics data and process-related planning data.

Knowing all about the transport (the loading and unloading location, optional stopovers, routes to be followed, cargo and scheduled departure and arrival times) enables us to provide you with precise tracking and monitoring. Naturally in real-time and with ETA calculation to give you full visibility in your everyday logistics.

Your specialized logistics solution for real-time visibility in temperature-controlled transports

Since 2009, NIC-place has been providing software solutions for the transport and logistics industry that are holistically tailored to the requirements of transparency in temperature-controlled transport. Meanwhile, the platform connects the largest cluster in Europe of refrigerated logistics providers and companies with the highest quality standards to cooperate digitally and exchange data in maximum depth.



Temperature and high value experts

For a better quality and safety management

NIC-place understands the requirements for proper monitoring of temperature-controlled transports with high quality and safety standards. We have many years of experience with the transportation of pharmaceuticals, fresh and frozen products, and high value electronic equipment.

Customizable alarm and event management

For smooth processes

Alarms can be configured and customized to inform you about changes to the planned route, changes of temperatures or door openings in unauthorized locations. You can rely on the system to notify you in case of any deviations.

ETA calculation for smooth processes

Always up to date

The integration with leading planning systems (TMS/ERP) enables NIC-place to provide an automated monitoring of the entire transport and the calculation of estimated earliest possible arrival times (ETA) depending on traffic, weather and other external criteria.

Documentation and Analytics

Insights to increase efficiency

With NIC-place it is easy to collect all relevant data from all parties before and during a transport and to make the results automatically available to all stakeholders when the transport is completed. Comprehensive analytics provides valuable insights to increase efficiency, simplify planning and reduce overall costs.

Our Tourboard keeps you
up to date

The core of the NIC-place services

  • Current position of your cargo, including ETA

  • Access to telematics data from your subcontractors

  • Simple monitoring of temperatures, setpoints and door openings 

  • Flexible access to transport information for 3rd parties

  • Automated documentation of the transport process

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